2017 Treks!

Spring Trek Pembrokeshire Coast, Wales (25-32 Year Olds)
March 30th -April 8th

Summer Trek St. Cuthbert’s Way, Scotland and England (18-24 Year Olds)
June 15- June 25th

Early Fall Trek Offa’s Dyke, England and Wales (18-24 Year Olds)
August 28th – September 6th

Participants are responsible for their airfare and $400.00 in personal spending money. All other costs including in-country transportation, accommodation, meals (excluding dinner), trek guides, and core gift discovery facilitation are sponsored.

Trek Epic is offering an optional post trek coaching model, Trek+, to participants in 2017 with the specific goal of contributing to the implementation of individual goals set by participants while on trek!  Please inquire for more information and the fee structure for Trek+.

Our Core Gift discovery method leads each participant of Trek Epic, through dialogue and sharing with other trekkers, to discover what skills and gifts each have to offer. This methodology draws upon ancient traditions, rites of passage, wisdom tales and contemporary motivational neuroscience to specifically help identify each person’s talents and gifts.

Each trek inspires a deep sense of community and personal support throughout the Trek Epic experience.  To date we have guided sixteen treks, including two advanced treks for former participants.  Locations have included: England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain.  

As one trekker, preparing for a Gap Year, said, capturing the power of discovering and using our gifts.

This was a personal change moment in my life.  

I will not be forgetting my gifts when I go back home.”

As we say, “Get on Trek!”