We follow our
route over
hill and dale,
and through
farms, forests,
fields and

Day One

We are typically eight trekkers and two or three guides. We arrive at our starting point and gather together for our first evening dinner, meeting each other and talking about the upcoming trip.

Day Two

We make our way to the first village on our path, often taking the train from the city to the countryside. Throughout the day, we take some time to rest, discuss logistics, and get ready for our trekking adventure to begin.

Typical Trek Day

We wake up early, enjoy a hearty breakfast served at 8AM by our innkeepers, grab a packed lunch, and hit the path for our day's journey at 9AM.

As we trek each day (typically eight to fourteen miles), we stop along the way to explore cultural and historic sites, reflect on themes and topics related to the discovery of our Core Gift, and exchange ideas. Sometimes we just take a break to admire the breathtaking panoramas, chat with a local, or massage tired feet.

When we arrive at our destination B&B, Inn or Hostel each day (usually around 4:00 or 4:30) we can rest and explore, visit with our host, and discuss our evening plan. After a delicious dinner of unique local fare, we are ready to begin our evening session which includes sharing stories, discussion, and journaling.

We close each day by celebrating the progress we made, the miles we walked, and the people we met along the way.