A mythic journey to the core of who you are

TREKS ARE BACK!  Our 2020 and 2021 treks were canceled due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.  We are happy to announce that in 2022, Trek Epic hits the trails again!  >> See the schedule <<

A mythic journey to the core of who you are

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TrekEpic is an inner and outer journey of discovery
discover your core gifts, ways to bring them into the
world, new people, distant landscapes on an epic
walking adventure.

Our Story

adventure of

Trek Epic is a small group, ten-day walking journey, typically in the United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain and Italy. The cadence of walking eight to fourteen miles a day let’s everyone settle into just “being” in the moment. A true pilgrimage, these treks allow minds to meander in ways that are often difficult in our normally fast-paced world.

While on the trek, your guides will support you and your fellow trekkers in the process of adventure, reflection and self-discovery. You will have time to think about your talents and gifts, and explore how to apply them to your own personal, educational and professional goals.

A Journey of
inner and

Within the trek's lively embrace of fun and camaraderie, you will have the opportunity to support your fellow trekkers on their own journeys of inner and outer exploration.

Trekkers emerge from this unique adventure with more self-confidence, a renewed sense of purpose, and specific ideas about the next steps in their lives.

The experience of coming together with a group of strangers in a new country and exploring new terrain produces an unforgettable feeling of connectedness and trust. Having the opportunity to learn that “I am somebody” and “I belong” is a transformational experience unique to Trek Epic.

The core gift
and the
journey to
self discovery

The Core Gifts methodology draws upon ancient traditions, rites of passage, and wisdom tales to specifically identify each person’s talents and gifts.

Through a facilitated process of dialogue and sharing with other trekkers, the Core Gifts process is designed to lead Trek Epic participants to discover what unique skills and gifts each has to offer. This powerful process also assists trekkers in developing strategies for putting their unique gifts to work in the world.

Our treks are a catalyst for growth and self-discovery.
Leslie Johnson - Co-Founder, President and Trek Guide
Get off the freeway, get out of your car, take a long walk, and think about where you are.
Andrew Bryan - Co-Founder, Executive Director and Trek Guide
I've been through a few different "self betterment" group camp experiences. This is one of the most effective ones.
D.J. - Recent Trekker
One's core gifts often come from times of trouble and difficulty.
Bruce Anderson - Core Gifts Facilitator and Trek Guide
We're driven by ideas not the bottom line.
Leslie Johnson - Co-Founder, President and Trek Guide
You benefit from those who trekked before you and those who trek after you. We are trailblazers together.
Andrew Bryan - Co-Founder, Executive Director and Trek Guide
Initiation rituals that helped emerging adults find their path in life are gone now.
Bruce Anderson - Core Gifts Facilitator and Trek Guide

Meet Our Trek Team


Leslie Johnson

Co-Founder, President, Trek Guide


Andrew Bryan

Co-Founder, Executive Director,
Trek Guide


Bruce Anderson

Core Gifts Facilitator, Trek Guide


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