reflection and

At TrekEpic we believe that young people all have a deep desire to know “Why am I here?” and “What am I supposed to be doing?”

Older cultures used initiation rituals or “rites of passage” to help young people in defining their life paths and callings. These rituals have long been replaced by the externally driven demands of college, university and trade school. Gone are the reflective traditions of the inner and outer journey—the guided quest.

Backed by recent discoveries in cognitive neuroscience, and drawing on ancient traditions and rites of passage, TrekEpic provides a transformational and adventurous experience for young adults, ages 18-24, who are seeking their own paths to self-discovery and purpose.

Every trek with TrekEpic is designed to inspire a deep sense of connectedness and personal support throughout the inner and outer journey, and to provide every trekker with a clear road map for moving forward in life in a positive way.

We follow our
route over
hill and dale,
and through
farms, forests,
fields and

Day One

We are typically eight trekkers and two or three guides. We arrive at our starting point and gather together for our first evening dinner, meeting each other and talking about the upcoming trip.

Day Two

We make our way to the first village on our path, often taking the train from the city to the countryside. Throughout the day we take some time to rest, discuss logistics, and get ready for our trekking adventure to begin.

Typical Trek Day

We wake up early, enjoy a hearty breakfast served at 8AM by our innkeepers, grab a packed lunch, and hit the path for our day's journey at 9AM.

As we trek each day (typically eight to fourteen miles), we stop along the way to explore cultural and historic sites, reflect on themes and topics related to the discovery of our Core Gifts, exchange ideas. Sometimes we just take a break to admire the breathtaking panoramas, chat with a local, or massage tired feet.

When we arrive at our destination B&B, Inn or Hostel each day (usually around 4:00 or 4:30) we can rest and explore, visit with our host, and discuss our evening plan. After a delicious dinner of unique local fare, we are ready to begin our evening session which includes sharing stories, discussion, and journaling.

We close each day by celebrating the progress we made, the miles we walked, and the people we met along the way.

That seed, your
spark, that
essential fire

TrekEpic is dedicated to the belief that every one of us has a Core Gift that defines who we really are and how we can best serve the world around us.

Our Core Gift reflects our best selves and is natural to us. It is connected to how we truly want to be acknowledged by others, and fuels us with the power to approach life with purpose and self-confidence.

While on Trek with us you will discover your own Core Gift through guided reflection, dialogue and sharing with other trekkers. You can expect to be with a group of young people with similar challenges so you can feel less alone on your personal quest. There is much comfort in knowing that others are asking the same questions.

By the end of your trek you will have a Core Gift statement that is uniquely yours—a portrait of your gifts and how you offer them to the world around you. You will have had the opportunity to create a future vision for yourself that is doable and that you are eager to work toward.

The shared
vision of
Leslie Johnson
and Andrew

TrekEpic was founded in 2010 to create a trekking-based adventure for emerging adults that would serve as a vehicle for profound personal reflection and self-discovery.

Using the breathtaking and renowned walking paths of the British Isles as a backdrop, Leslie and Andrew envisioned TrekEpic as offering a very special opportunity for adventure abroad linked with an expertly guided, self-discovery process.

In the early years, Dr. Donald Chance, a former college professor and experienced trekking guide, was instrumental in developing the trekking aspect of TrekEpic.

In 2013, Bruce Anderson joined the TrekEpic leadership team. Adding to the transformative quality of the TrekEpic experience, Bruce contributed the Core Gift discovery process.

Be a part of

Over the last five years, TrekEpic as an organization has become a powerful incubator for new ways of guiding emerging adults in the process of answering the timeless questions of “Why am I here?” and “What am I supposed to be doing with my life.”

Taking the challenge of organizational development one trek at a time, the founders of TrekEpic refine their unique process for combining spiritual growth with an immersive experience in the real world with every passing trek.

Our trekkers become part of an ever-unfolding and organic process where they benefit from those who went before them, and contribute to the experience of those who will come after. Our trekkers shape the future of TrekEpic and thus become a central part of something bigger.

We fund all
costs except
airline tickets

At TrekEpic, we believe that the trekking experience, both the walking in nature and the discovery of Core Gifts and how to use them, is vitally important for youth from all economic backgrounds and life situations. We are determined to not let the financial cost of this experience stand in the way of a young person going on a trek with us.

The full cost (excluding airfare and personal spending) is $1,500 to $2,000 per participant. Our goal is to offer eight young adults the chance to participate in each of three annual treks, a total of 24 participants per year. If a young person cannot come up with funds for their airline ticket, we suggest ways to fundraise part or all of that cost.

If you or your organization believes in the power of gifts and in this unique journey of inner and outer discovery, we invite you to join our TrekEpic family with a secure and tax-deductible donation today. When you support TrekEpic, you're making an investment in the next generation.