Volume 2021

The Kerry Camino

The first morning we walked in earnest the bleeding hearts dangled from the bushes, dripping dew and glinting deep fuchsia in the soft light. The one-lane road wound out of the village, serpentine, up a hill and past a paddock.

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Gaining Perspective

I went skiing over the Thanksgiving holidays. I love to ski, but, as an old guy, each year it hurts a little more than the last. This year turned out a little different though.

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Going Through a Pandemic the TrekEpic Way

Oh no! I woke up today and realized I was trapped in the Half-Boy story! For those of you who have been on a TrekEpic walk, you’ve heard the Half-Boy story.

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Welcoming, Gifts, and Hosts

If you have had the opportunity to embark on an adventure with TrekEpic, then you understand the excitement of arriving at a new accommodation each night.

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Core Gift Discovery Master Facilitator Training

Gifts are part of both western and non western cultures, meaning they are part of the core of what is to be human.

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Request Information

Request additional information about Trek Epic and our rewarding European treks.

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