reflection and

At Trek Epic we believe that emerging young adults have a deep desire to know “Who am I?” and “What do I have to offer the world around me?”

Older cultures used initiation rituals or “rites of passage” to help young people in defining their life paths and purpose. These rituals have long been replaced by the externally driven demands of college, trade school, and work life. Gone are the reflective traditions of the inner and outer journey—the guided quest.

Drawing on ancient traditions and rites of passage, Trek Epic provides a transformational and adventurous experience for emerging young adults, ages 18-24, and post college age adults, 25-32, who are seeking their own paths to self-discovery and purpose.

Every trek with Trek Epic is designed to inspire a deep sense of connectedness and personal support throughout the inner and outer journey, and to provide every trekker with a clear road map for moving forward in life in a positive way.

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